Saturday, January 22, 2011

Batman 4 Movie - Dark Knight Rises Sequel

Batman 4 Movie - Dark Knight Rises sequelDirector Christopher Nolan more or less said that Batman 3 aka the Dark Knight Rises would be the last installment in the rebooted Batman series. But the third opus, which hasn't been released yet, is likely to be a hell of a blockbuster, and for sure Warner Bros will want to continue the franchise. So I think it's not so far-fetched to think about Batman 4, a movie sequel to the Dark Knight Rises.

When asked about a potential Batman 4 movie Christian Bale kind of confirmed that he wouldn't mind to do one more film:

"All I know is the likelihood that this will be the last one. Well, I wouldn't say definitely. If Chris goes, 'Hey, I've got another story I think could be interesting,' then yeah, great, I'd go do that. I always assumed it would be three, but I could be wrong."
Actor Christian Bale

I guess that if Christopher Nolan was reluctant to come back and if some other really talented director was taking over the franchise Christian Bale would also reprise his role as Bruce Wayne aka Batman, but that's speculation for now.

Who could be the villain in Batman 4? Ra's al Ghul in disguise was the main antagonist of the first film and Scarecrow showed up. In the second film, it was about the Joker and Two Face. The third film's villain is Bane, and Catwoman is likely to play a part. So any idea who's the next villain Batman will have to face in the movie Batman 4? Any suggestion maybe?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Batman 4 Movie

Batman 4 FilmThe third opus of Batman hasn't been released yet, but we can be sure that they're already planning the movie Batman 4. And it makes sense: after all the public can't have enough of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale! We all want the Batman movie series to keep going.

So let's get ready for the movie Batman 4! And clearly show our support to Warner Bros so they have enough confidence to get it developed and released!

Since the villain of Batman 3 hasn't been announced yet, there isn't much sense in talking about the villain of Batman 4. But still if you have a favorite to propose, let's share with us what villain you would like to see in the movie Batman 4! Who knows, it may inspire the scriptwriters, and your suggestion may show up in the plot of Batman 4!

For my part I'd like to see Ventriloquist or Black Mask in batman 4. What about you?